GTTP is delighted to share that the research and travel photo competitions are up and running in 2024 – see below for details.

Both competitions are open to all GTTP students.

GTTP Student Travel Research Competition

Students research a travel & tourism opportunity or issue in their local or national area, based on a theme selected by the GTTP.  For 2024, the research competition title is Create a Social Media Campaign, Based on Research, to attract Talent to Travel & Tourism. 

Each participating country will decide how to organise its national competition and deadlines for entry will vary depending on the school schedules.  Questions relating to the competition should be directed at the GTTP Director in your country.

Participating students are asked to consider creative ways to illustrate key recommendations that could help build an effective “Talent Pipeline” through a social media strategy.

Students are expected to write a case study to accompany their research presentation.   Case study guidelines can be accessed here:

The 2024 winning team will travel to Europe and stay in a hotel generously sponsored by IHG Hotels & Resorts, to present research findings to an audience of students, teachers and leaders from industry.  Some meals will also be provided.  Flights are sponsored by GTTP’s Global Partners. 

Click here for the full details.

GTTP Travel Photo Competition & Winners 2023

The travel photo competition is designed to showcase a special aspect of a student’s community to people who have never been there. The photo can be on any subject but should make the viewer want to visit.

Click here for the full details.

GTTP Travel Photo Competition Winners 2022

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