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Our Global Partners share their thoughts below on long and distinguished careers in Travel & Tourism. The sector has been tested like never before during the pandemic, but the challenge is to bounce back, and it’s a challenge the sector is ready to meet.

“We are facing considerable uncertainty in travel and tourism right now as the industry struggles to recover from the effects of Covid-19.

But even though this crisis is unprecedented, travel has always demonstrated in the past its resilience to crisis of all kind and its continued path to growth.

Travel is part of mankind’s DNA. Thanks to travel we meet other cultures, we discover, we learn, we trade, we create wealth for our communities. I am very confident that the travel industry will come back and may be faster and stronger than we dare to predict now, and even more resilient.

That is why I continue to encourage the brightest and the best young people to join our sector, to build a bright future for themselves and for the travel industry.

– Charles Petruccelli, former President of American Express Global Travel Services,
Advisor to the GTTP Board –

“My whole career has been, and continues to be, in travel and tourism. This actually happened by chance, not by choice, and in hindsight, I feel so lucky to have had that chance.

It is just a wonderful industry, it is actually a big, multi-cultural family, with its members spread around the world, sharing the same vision, values and aspirations: Passion, teamwork, care, discovery, tolerance, dedication, innovation, and so much more.

Travel continuously reinvents itself and now we are at the edge of a new era, of slow travel, local experiences, sustainable travel protecting culture and heritage.

I am convinced there has never been a better time to join this industry, a lot has been achieved, a lot has been learned, but the best is definitely yet to come.

– Michel Taride, Senior Adviser in Travel, Tourism and Mobility,
former Group President Hertz International –

“At TTC and at Red Carnation Hotels we recruit students from all over the world who look for a long and fruitful career in all aspects of hospitality and travel. This includes positions in areas such as marketing, finance and people and culture, and not just in the operational, customer-facing roles, fun and interesting as those jobs are!

It’s not news that the impact on the hospitality and travel industries has been immense but fundamental to any kind of bounce back, and there will be a revival at some point soon, it would be devastating if we didn’t have new talent joining the sector to take us into the future.

Of course people will want to travel when they can, stay in hotels, use restaurants and take cruises again and because we are a strong and vital industry to the world economy, we still and will always make an exciting career option with opportunities to travel, learn about other cultures and through hard work, progress quickly to whatever level a student aspires to get to.

Through the GTTP as well as direct links with educational establishments and communication with students, we ensure the success of the future our industry.

– Jonathan Raggett, Managing Director, Red Carnation Hotels –

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