Teacher Training

GTTP teacher-training courses on the global curriculum, PASSPORT TO THE WORLD, and on student assessment methodologies have been delivered to teachers in Brazil, Hungary, India, Jamaica, Kenya, Oman and South Africa. These are in addition to regular teacher training sessions provided by each country programme. 

The GTTP assessment approach utilises portfolios prepared by the students, and the GTTP provides teacher training in this methodology.

GTTP’s Passport course has been updated and is now available online via our dedicated training and education portal at www.globaltraveleducation.org, where you will also find access to courses including Passport to Success, Concierge,  English for Latin America, GROW, a course provided by Marriott International and designed to guide students through their career options and assist with their wellbeing, IHG’s Skills Builder, created to help anyone around the world gain valuable skills online to support their search for employment in any sector.   All GTTP students also get access to destination training offered by Travel Uni.

A guide to using our core curricular in the classroom can be downloaded here.

Using Passport in the classroom 2


Using Passport in the classroom 2


Using Passport in the classroom 2


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