What we do

We work globally to introduce our curricula to Education Departments and local educational communities, offering support through teacher training and helping to build local partnerships to secure work experience and internship opportunities for our students.  

GTTP funds opportunities for young people to work with students from different nationalities, and offers opportunities to travel overseas and collaborate with other GTTP students via our competitions and awards, helping to build cultural understanding, communications skills, knowledge, and awareness of the wider world.


  • Promote educational opportunities to students by providing access to in-class and online training
  • Fund GTTP programmes across the world which helps shape the curriculum in schools, colleges or universities so that young people have the opportunity to build the relevant skills and experience.
  • Train teachers so they are able to deliver an enriching curriculum when preparing young people for work.
  • Offer young people internships and work experience to give them a taste of the world of work..
  • Offer recognition through competitions and awards.

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