Internships, or work experience, can open your eyes to the career opportunities in travel and tourism and provide you with a first-hand view of what life in the workplace is really like.

GTTP is enormously proud of our internship programme because of the advantages this provides, especially in these increasingly uncertain times.

Currently, about 1,300 companies provide student internships under GTTP’s worldwide programme, ranging from giant, multi-national corporations to local community-driven start-ups. Some opportunities are paid, others unpaid, but all enable students to learn what it means to have a career in the diverse and broad industry of travel and tourism.

The GTTP Internship Manual sets out how to set up 30-hour internship placements and offers stacks of advice and pointers for parents, businesses, regional coordinators, school administrators, as well as students.

English version of The GTTP Internship Manual
Spanish version of The GTTP Internship Manual

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