GTTP Ireland supports an introductory online course, Tourism Insight, which allows students to inform and explore social, economic and geographical aspects of tourism and to recognise Ireland’s unique culture and heritage.

Launched in September 2016, Tourism Insight, which incorporates elements of the GTTP, signals an initiative in tourism education involving key stakeholders that include the Department of Education, Department of Tourism, Failte Ireland, Irish Hospitality Institute, Irish Hotels Federation and several businesses.

Course completion certificates, which are endorsed by industry partners, are attained by students who successfully complete the programme.

Schools and colleges offering the programme receive support from the travel and tourism industry in the form of lectures from industry professionals, opportunities for work experience, and a detailed guide to teaching resources.

The project aims to develop students’ inter-personal skills, to promote the national importance of tourism to the economy among young people and to highlight the career opportunities in the sector.

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the director, Ireland, is:

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