The GTTP India mission is:

  • To promote the study of tourism in secondary schools and junior colleges in India
  • To develop an association between educational institutes and industry
  • To collaborate with agencies involved in the travel and tourism sector
  • To design a curriculum to suit the needs of GTTP India.

GTTP India also plans to collaborate with agencies that will provide students with places for training and internships.

GTTP India started in 2017 with a pilot program involving two centres, three faculties and 52 students. Following this successful pilot, the GTTP program was launched in 15 schools and two universities.

In 2020, we have 512 students who have successfully completed the Passport to the World curriculum. Students have participated in the Annual Research Competition held in Nice, France and also won GTTP-backed competitions at international level.

The program is under the leadership of the Director, Dr Sanjay Mehta, who is supported by three project coordinators, Dr Zubin Master, Dr Manisha Vyas and Mrs Kashmira Roopani.

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the director, India, is:

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