The GTTP programme, for 14-18-year-olds, requires students to invest 220 classroom hours, usually over two years, with a strong emphasis on exposure to the workplace. Around 500 companies offer internships to our students. For teachers, there is 30 hours of teacher training plus an annual conference.

Student team work and student research is a key requirement of all GTTP programmes. In 2019, the research topic that won the national competition was about a music flash mob in Szeged, Southern Hungary.  Students went to the event which saw more than 400 musicians performing together, conducted interviews with participants and organisers and prepared a lively presentation for the global student meeting in Nice.

For more information, click here. Course materials for instructors and students include the GTTP-developed “Passport” curriculum, which has been translated into Hungarian.

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the director, Hungary, is:

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