GTTP was launched in France in March 2022. A pilot program since 2016, it is now available to all schools offering training in Travel and Tourism.

The Travel and Tourism industry is undergoing major changes. The French government has last November published a plan « Destination France » to win back and transform the sector. One of its main focuses is to conquer and regain talents.

The mission of GTTP France is to introduce students to industry and professional opportunities at a time when they are making career choices.  By developing partnerships with schools, universities and professionals, GTTP France aims to empower students and teachers while contributing to the training of new talent, offering them opportunities to experience the field and develop a network.

Schools who become members of GTTP have access to tools including as GTTP Education and Training Portal and a Portfolio to review and enhance student training pathways. Schools are also invited to take part in GTTP global competitions and national activities and meetings.  Member schools are also invited to take part in GTTP competitions and both national and global activities and meetings.

Click here for examples of French students portfolio work:

French Students portfolio work

More details to be found on the website.

the director, France, is:

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