GTTP Board Member from Amadeus visits a GTTP Russia high school

Feb 27, 2020

by Nina Kuznetsova, Director GTTP Russia

Classroom visits are one of the best forms of careers education. Hearing first-hand from professionals about career options is very insightful and inspiring for students.

During her recent classroom visit in Moscow, Charoula Gkioka, who serves on the GTTP Advisory Board and is a Senior Advisor of Industry Affairs at Amadeus, met high school students to talk about career opportunities in Travel & Tourism. Charoula’s presentation followed by a lively Q&A session helped students understand more about the industry including career options that they may not have known about or considered.

Meeting Charoula was a “wow experience” for students who appreciated the opportunity to gain a “real-world” perspective from a professional, and they’d like to see classroom visits continue at their school.

Students’ testimonials:

“It was interesting to learn about career opportunities and a wide range of jobs, and the various skills useful for job searching and applying for a job.”

“This lecture broadened my horizons. And I realized that you can try different jobs in different areas to find the job that is really good for you, and that it can be a job in travel & tourism.”

“This lecture aroused my interest in working in the transport infrastructure. In addition, today’s lecture once again reminded me about the importance of career choices which I need to make in the near future. It was really useful to hear about Charoula’s experience, which she shared so openly and willingly.”

“This lecture allowed me to deepen my understanding of the world of work. Participation in such events helps expand horizons and determine the scope of my future activities.”

“Such lectures are very important, because they help us learn about interesting careers in the modern world.”

“One of the important things I realized listening to Charoula was that just in few years, like her before she started working at Amadeus, I might have different jobs and work for different organizations, and that I need to be prepared for that and develop skills to succeed.”

“Access to information is of enormous importance in today’s world. I am very grateful to Charoula, GTTP and Junior Achievement for the opportunity to learn about exciting professional options first-hand. Thank you!”

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