GTTP Russia student competition: Biomimetic protection for travellers.

The Online Innovation Camp on November 24-26 focused on new and creative solutions in hospitality business. The challenge was to suggest the ways hotels can transform their strategies and products to address safety concerns amid and post-COVID. Over three days 38 teams of talented students from 15 cities across Russia worked on their solutions. The winning team suggested a gadget designed to effectively keep physical distancing measures in place for hotel employees and guests. 1st runner up suggested a complex of new products and services that prioritize safety and sanitization to protect guests’ and employees’ health.

“Today, on January 20, we attended a lecture by an employee of the leading global travel network, Amadeus, and learned what kind of company it is; how many airlines work with Amadeus; where they mostly get their income from; about the prospects of Amadeus, as well as how the company wants to improve the environmental situation in the world. This lecture broadened my horizons. And I realized that you can try different jobs in different areas to find the job that is really good for you, and that it can be a job in travel & tourism. I want to thank Charoula Gkioka, Junior Achievement and GTTP for this experience.” GTTP Russia student.

“GTTP Mentoring Marathon was different from all previous events and trainings that I had attended before, in its informativeness and variety of experiences. It combined lecturing, practical training, business games and speed networking with professionals. One of the most memorable events was employability training. For the first time in my life I developed a resume and went through a mock interview with a real recruiter. Strange, but I had never thought about what to write and tell about myself in order to reveal to the employer exactly those qualities and abilities that are required, and had not realized how consistently and clearly it should be done. Extraordinary experience! Very useful for my future!” GTTP Russia student.

«To begin with, I want to thank the organizers of GTTP Innovation camp. I was so surprised and excited to find out that, despite the pandemic, we are still granted the opportunity to participate in a inspiring event that challenges us to come up with innovation ideas and think how to make them real. What’s more is that the chosen topic – how the hotels can transform their strategies and products to address safety concerns amid and post-COVID is so extremely important for tourists, for hospitality industry and T&T. It was a real challenge and a great pleasure to work on and present our decision, and to listen to other teams’ suggestions – so very interesting and hopefully really useful for the hospitality industry.» GTTP Russia student.

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