GTTP is charity registered in the USA (501(c)3) and headquartered in London. To learn more about GTTP, please fill out the form below.

Anne Lotter
Executive Director

If you are interested in either supporting or joining this programme, or in learning more about activity in individual countries, please contact the individual GTTP Directors


7 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hello. I’m interested on it, i have students in my school, i want them to be members please

  2. Leaning Tower Tours & Travel in Kenya is seeking a partnership with you.

    Nicholas Nganga
    Chief Executive Officer
    Leaning Tower Tours & Travel
    P.O Box 3305-20100
    Phone: + 254 (0) 748840033
    WhatsApp: + 254 (0) 748840033

  3. Kenneth Okiria
    Marketing Manager,
    Amstel Tours And Travel
    P. O. Box 158171,
    Kampala, Uganda.

    Hello GTTP, Amstel Tours And Travel is an established and legally operating Travel Agency licensed under the Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), seeks a partnership and opportunity to join the GTTP programme as we learn more bout your activity in our country Uganda, while fostering the full understanding of the rich tourism industry career path in schools among learners in The Pearl Of Africa.
    Kind Regards.

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